All meals served with choice of Rice and Beans or White Rice and a fresh garden salad*

Items marked with an asterisk are only available at the Fowler location


Fresh, lightly seasoned, with exotic jerk spices and foil roasted with callaloo. SPICY


*CURRY SHRIMP     $11.95
Shrimp seasoned with Andrew's special blend of spices, tossed with red, green and gold bell peppers then simmered with potatoes in a light Jamaica

ESCOVITCHED FISH          $13.95
*Get the Big Fish                $19.95
Done the Jerk Hut way with pan fried whole red snapper sautéed with onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs in a light vinaigrette sauce or you can special request our traditional Jamaican spicy vinegar and onions escovitched style.
 Traditional escovitched is SPICY.
**This may also be available at the downtown location

*ESCOVITCHED SHRIMP          $11.95
Fresh large shrimp lightly dusted in our seasoned flour then fried until golden brown, topped with our traditional Jamaican spicy vinegar with onions, carrots and scotch bonnet peppers.

Salmon fillet, seared on the grill then glazed with a sweet and savory honey teriyaki sauce. Served with red, green and gold veggies and your choice of mashed potatoes, rice and beans or rice.