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Andrew's Redd Sauce

Andrew invented his Original Redd Sauce to accompany his spicy jerk chicken and pork.  This sweet and tangy home-style gravy became his customers favorite, a perfect fit with the fire grilled meats and traditional Jamaican rice and peas. 

At the Jerk Hut Andrew uses his Original Redd Sauce as the base for stews, dressing, and gravies.  Try it in your favorite recipes, as a dipping sauce, or with your favorite grilled meats and vegetables.

Green Sauce

Made with all the ingredients that gives jerk its signature taste. Use as a condiment or a marinade. Great on steaks, fish, poultry & eggs. 

Flavor First Gold Sauce

Full flavor hot sauce, made with all fresh ingredients. Including fresh-cut carrots, onions, golden, ripe habanero pepper, white vinegar and spices. 

WTF Hot Sauce (Way Too Freakin' Hot!)

Smoked, red, ripe habanero peppers infused with jamaican pimento seasoning, producing a flavorful scorching hot sauce, Goes great on EVERYTHING! Try it if you dare!