From the Jerk Factory

The best jerk chicken and jerk pork you can find in Tampa. 

All Jerk Meals served with Andrew's original Redd Sauce and your choice of Rice &Beans or White Rice and a fresh garden salad.
 Lunch Prices available Monday thru Friday 11am to 3pm Substitutions subject to an additional charge. 

* Items marked with an asterisk are only available at the Fowler location

JERK CHICKEN (Choice of regular or spicy)
Jerk Hut's famous chicken seasoned with a secret blend of exotic Jamaican herbs & spices and grilled with a hint of pimento smoke.
 Lunch 1/4 Chicken: $6.95          Dinner 1/4 Chicken: $8.95
Lunch 1/2 Chicken: $9.95          Dinner 1/2 Chicken: $11.95
Whole Jerk Chicken: $17.95

Our famous jerk chicken basted in the Ashmeade family's special BBQ sauce, A brand new favorite. You have to try it.
 Lunch 1/4 Chicken: $6.95          Dinner 1/4 Chicken: $8.95

Andrew's favorite! Seasoned with a secret blend of exotic Jamaican herbs & spices and smoked with pimento until tender.
 Lunch     (Reg) $8.95     (Lg) $11.95
Dinner    (Reg) $9.95     (Lg) $12.95


Can't decide? Enjoy a combination of Jerk Hut's famous Jerk Pork and Chicken.
 Lunch     (Reg) $9.95     (Lg) $12.95
Dinner    (Reg) $10.95    (Lg) $13.95